Custom Helms

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Unique Inspirations

We create helms in any style imaginable, from our bestselling Momonari Kabutos to Hussar’s Helms, Turkish War Masks, and everything in between.


Every one of our custom helmets are designed by you! We work with you and your vision to create a helmet that you can truly call your own.

Quality Over Quantity

Each of our helms are handcrafted by our smiths. Each part is cut, shaped, and formed specifically to your measurements and design.

4130 Alloy Steel

Using the highest quality aircraft steel, we produce armor that is both functional and featherlight. It’s tough enough that we guarantee if for life.

Our premium 4130 armor offers half the weight and double the strength over traditional mild and stainless steels. 

Just Starting Out?

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Get Your Head in the Game!

Your Helmet is the most iconic piece of your look, and the most important piece of your armor.

We offer starter helms in many designs, and are happy to make any custom helmet you desire.

Joint Protection
Elbows, Shoulders, Knees.. and Toes?

Joints take a ton of punishment in combat sports. It is vital that you get the very best protection, especially on your knees, elbows, and shoulders. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, head-to-toe.

Neck Protection
Anti-Vampire Gear is a must.

Second only to helmets is neck protection. Throat shots HURT, and can be deadly if unprotected.

We recommend a full steel gorget to be able to withstand the blows of rattan and live-steel combat.

These Guys get Two Thumbs Way Up!

Your hands are how you make your living. Watching out for them keeps you in the game longer, stronger.

Our bestselling clamshell gauntlets are the best value for the price. Period.